PERP D3lux Missing NPC and Props Running Evocity_v33x

For some reason my server running D3lux PERP is glitching, for some reason all the props are missing, NPCs are invisible and the doors are invisible. Everything else seems to work. Is their some sort of fix for this?

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Yes, there is an easy fix.

Don’t steal others hard work by downloading hacked versions you complete piece of shit.

Hope I helped.

Thank you, but that doesn’t solve my problem.

Didn’t intend to.

Oh, I had you mistaken then. Anyhow, where do you propose I buy a copy of the gamemode in question?

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Isn’t it that PERP was never officially realeased? Perhaps if you gave me a download I may start from scratch.

Okay Here

Using ANY version of PERP is technically illegal.