Perp & DarkRP Servers up (New community)

Hello there…

A new community called MercuryGamers has been established, after putting alot of hard work and effort into building our servers and website, we need players.

Our website is:

We currently have 2 Servers:


Anyways, thanks for reading, hope to see you on mG!

Press back on your browser. Look at the top of the list of threads, yep, that thread that’s in yellow, and is stickied. Look at it’s title. Don’t post without reading the rules please.

just in case you missed it twice :

Doesn’t even work.

You are running PERP and DarkRP, the two most un-popular gamemodes on the maps Downtown and evocity, the two most un-popular maps:

Good job being creative :slight_smile:

Actually evocit is nice. It has many different version which are nice but v2d is way too over used.

perp is quite popular, atleast with the script kiddies (ddos). darkrp i have to agree, a few years ago it was quite popular and im not sure if its the gamemode or just the interest in darkrp has gone bad.

evocity 33x and v2p are quite good maps, downtown is bad…for everything.

pretty sure mercury gamers used to be a PERP community like 3 years ago

God sake, also selling admin. What’s with these unprofessional communities :[