PERP Database or Modules missing ?


I have just installed PERP1.0 on my server and everything is okay but when I am on my server, No energy, no cash, nothing. I think it isn’t connected to the database!

I have this error in the logs:

L 01/03/2011 - 23:12:59: Lua Error: error loading module ‘tmysql’ from file ‘z:\data\dedigames\dedigame884\home\servers\server5109\games\garrysmod\orangebox\garrysmod\lua\includes\modules\gm_tmysql.dll’: Module not found.

This is strange because I uploaded gm_tmysql.dll in this directory…

Help me on this and I could reward you !
Thank you in advance,


Fastdl isn’t working probably, also that’s an old gamemode and its probably broken.

Thank you for tried helping me.
tmysql requirs windows server. I’m running Lunix.



~ ProGcss

I think there’s tmysql for Linux I think, I’ll look more into it.

Where did you get PERP from anyways?

i have the latest GMR :stuck_out_tongue:

PERP sucks.

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All it is, internet drama compacted into Lua. Why would you want to run it?

I am working on my own rp code, it is almost done, and then I want to spend about 2 months making updates that will automatically add themselves monthly or biweekly. I want to have 2 years worth of updates then I will make it all work flawlessly, debug then clean up the code then bam soon a new rp game mode for the g mod community.