PERP - DL Source

My freind from school was telling me about this awesome RP mode called
“Pulsar Effect Roleplay” or “PERP” for short. He told me to go home and download it but the website is in downtime :saddowns: and he won’t stop pestering me till I do download it.
The problem is I can’t download from the server because my internet is so shit (50KBS U/D) and it would take hours but if I have to I will.
So do any of you know where do get PERP other then the server?

The PERP gamemode is private and can’t be downloaded from public sources.

lol perp is nearly as public as darkrp

Yes - I agree if PERP was private the servers wouldn’t have a download URL.
Its private to GET the game mode for your server.

The servers don’t have a download url and I don’t know where you can download an actual working version.
Pulsar Effect is the community that (used to) run the gamemode privately. It’s not the place where you can download it.
Also, we don’t need a new perp server, there are enough right now and half of them are empty anyway.

more then half of them has over 20 people on all time

PERP1 is out there PERP2 is not, also PERP1 has exploit bugs n all that.

Wait, what? Isnt PERP a gamemode for gmod? why would it be illegal to have it if its a gamemode for gmod? Also how in the world did it leak out there if there isnt a download for it? Sounds like someone that has made PERP or help make PERP releast it. I played on PERP servers before i mean really what is goign to happen if you get caught playing on a “illegal” copy of PERP? I would say not anything at all will happen seeing its just a addon for gmod. I seen posts that say people play on a “legal” copy of PERP that was on a “illegal” copy will get ban, How the heck would anyone even know if you were even playing on a legall or illegal copy of it. People that made PERP need to make a PERP 2, and be more responsable on how to handle it and maybe sell “legal” copies of it and can only get it from one person or website after a donation is made. I was just putting in my 2 cents i seen all these posts about illgal copies of PERP. Is there still legal copies you can get?

First, please don’t bump age old threads.

Secondly, Yes it is a gamemode and its not illegal by law to have it, but the makes of it did not want anyone to play it outside of their own servers, so they made their gamemode restricted to their servers only.

Third, their servers were hacked and the gamemode got leaked, thats where the leak was from.

Fourth, Nothing will happen if you use it, the owners of the servers used to permaban you if you use a copy of their gamemode, but they do not exist anymore so their are no penalties.

But you can’t get it anywhere. Sure you can buy, but i am willing to be 90% of the sellers will not give you anything and just take your money and run away.

Even if you find the leaked version, (first of all good job), it will be the FIRST version with money exploits, so prepare to do some lua coding to fix that.

I still do think it was a ass move not to release the gamemode, though, i don’t really get the point, but hey, their gamemode - their rules.

I love all the kids that call the exploit, A “Hacking” it was not a hacking for fuck sake it was an exploit to upload and download files from the servers which gave them a copy of the gamemode thus giving them a copy of it.

Keep lurking, maggot.

This thread said that perp1 was out there , where could i get it? :3

No where that anyone is gonna tell you.

Great bump.

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