PERP Donator Tabs

How would I go about making this? THIS IS AN EXAMPLE

I want to make a donator menu.

Making a DPanel, but why would you be copying Exiled Servers for?

I do not want to copy, that is just an example.

You just simple create a derma panel and have it show up when the player opens the scoreboard then.

Comes with PERP 2.5, go download it off DramaUnlimited.

Where do you see that? There is no script in PERP 2.5…

Where in the files would I find the dpanel?

I know that but its not even in the gamemode.

Depending on the gamemode it would be in one of the clientside files.

Search all the clientside files for something like this:


If not just search the button text and you should find it with ease.
But its really simple to create your own menus.

I cannot find it anywhere.

Yea neither can i, i don’t think Ruzza was right.

Then DramaUnlimited has shitty versions, join a few perp servers and search for that in the datapack folder.

I belive you can find a program on to basicly create your own Derp menu’s. I tried it once myself, Kinda easy, you just create it, add a button, save it, Put the lua file in your folder! Good luck!