PERP Gamemode Gmod 13

I heard that there is a flying gamemode perp for gmod 13, that is flying around. I really would like to have it. Before you start any hate or anything. Please think of what you type. I am just trying to start a PERP server for fun and to start a good community.

All replies are appreciated. I will respond to any reply if needed.

Thank you.

(User was banned for this post ("Asking for leaked gamemode" - Grea$eMonkey))

PERP is a bad gamemode and there are no versions of it in circulation that aren’t buggy and require a lot of work and lua knowledge to fix up. Some communities who do have it will not be willing to give it away, and the few places it is stored with an at least half-functional code base, charge clients an upwards of $100 for the gamemode. I would instead recommend using a free and functional gamemode and modifying it to what you need, such as Tiramisu, PistachioRP, and so on.

If you don’t like RP. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad gamemode.

Note: I am still looking forward to getting perp.

You misunderstand, my issue isn’t with PERP being a bad gamemode because it’s roleplay, roleplay can be fun, in fact, PistachioRP and Tiramisu are both Roleplaying gamemodes that I suggested because you wanted a roleplay gamemode. No, PERP is bad because it’s coded poorly, and any version you do find online, which will possibly cost you a lot of money or give you a virus, will not run properly and you will need to know how to fix it.

You’re not going to be able to get your hands on a working perp version without paying an upwards of a hundred dollars, learning a ton of lua to fix it (because it won’t be ported to gmod13) or you’ll be scammed. Seriously, get a different RP gamemode that actually works and just edit it yourself.

It’s also illegal to use PERP without paying for it, and while I know no one gives a fuck, it’s just there to know you won’t find many copies lying around with the functionality of many communities who use PERP, as they often edit the gamemode for their server.

Well for now can I have a link to both of those gamemodes? Then hopefully someone will actually give me a perp link later.

** VEIN: **
A zombie survival RP gamemode inspired by Project Zomboid and aimed at bringing functionality to the roleplay genre by allowing players to actually interact with an environment in a realistic way with damage systems, containers, weapons, and most importantly, zombies. The gamemode isn’t complete though, and there is a lot of content to download. Constantly updated by it’s coder Disseminate.

**DarkRP: **
Unfortunately the most popular and overused RP gamemode in Garry’s Mod due to its sheer age and ease of setting up; most gamemodes have used this gamemode as both direct inspiration through emulation, or in the case of making a gamemode that is more fluid and complex. The gamemode itself is good, but the community it has attracted is definitely not. Still updated ocassionally by FPtje.

A gamemode similar to DarkRP with more emphasis on fixing the problems brought up through DarkRP by implementing more functions and features and providing more structure and depth, and allowing users to customize their play style with more freedom. However, this may also cause players to be lost unless the server provides a theme and gives the players a general nudge in how to go about playing it. Not officially worked on, but there will be occasional updates and fixes by it’s coder, Chessnut.

Tiramisu 2:
A roleplay gamemode aimed at taking down popular HL2 RP gamemodes by actually introducing gameplay to the dull world of super-serious RP without charging its users money, and while giving them the ability to edit and alter the code however they please. The gamemode support(ed) clothing, food, armour, and third/first person, but has stagnated due to its author’s disdain for Garry’s Mod’s admittedly unappreciative and immature RP community. There are some fan made fixes, and Jawalt still does what he can.

Those are pretty much the only RP gamemodes you’ll find that people actually offer support, and that actually work. (for free, as they should be)

Well, thanks. I like the Tiramisu one. I will still hopefully get PERP.

Just know Tiramisu 2 requires some work if the fan-made versions aren’t working properly. It’s more serious based, rather than kiddy-like as with PERP, so you’ll need a pretty serious RP community.

Well, you have a wrong point over there. Any gamemode can be turned into a serious RP depending on the players and of course the admin support.

The thing is, it’s easier to make a non-serious RP serious, than to make a serious RP non-serious. PERP is more non-serious than most other gamemodes, so I was thinking you wanted something more casual.

I needed PERP; now I have it. Just keep looking around… Took me a month to find it.

Why not just share it? I might be able to help you someday. You never know.

If I were going to “share” it, I would sell it.

And I don’t want to be one of those people.

That’s selling not sharing.

Please guys, I really need this gamemode.
I am also willing to get an old version of the gamemode.

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Come on guys, please. Anything helps.

What happened to drama unlimited?

I think it went down. That’s why I need support from you guys.

Well you aren’t going to last long on Facepunch by fucking asking for it here. I forget that you joined in 2013, so you probably haven’t seen the two bans people got for asking/selling this shit on Facepunch.

Well, PERP gamemode is getting very famous and it’s spreading all around.

Are you dumb as bricks? PERP isn’t “getting famous,” it’s been a popular private gamemode for many years now. It’s not increasing in popularity, rather, a bunch of kiddies who started playing Garry’s Mod a week ago played on a PERP server once and now everyone wants to start their own. Nothing is spreading, PERP’s been around for a long time, the only thing spreading are the number of people who want to start their own because they think it’s so easy and anyone can do it when they hardly know a thing about lua or owning and running a server.

If you want a gamemode like PERP, code it yourself. People spent a lot of time and effort to get it, even in a really buggy and broken format, and they’re not going to give it away. They’re going to sell it, or scam you, and your best option is to just learn lua, as all server owners should do, and edit a gamemode base to what you want it to be.

Trust me, I can start my own PERP gamemode do updates. Add more features. My plan was adding planes and a flying license and a flying job. I had the model for the people for that too. I promise you it will be successful.