Perp Gamemode?

Where can i get a Perp Gamemode? i want to set up a Perp server but how i get the gamemode?

ITT: 12 year old kid who wants his own server to raid everyone with noclip and give himself free guns

No i have 4 server all hosted by Xenon servers, i want 1 another server and thats Perp. i pay around 65$ each server. so no im not a kid, i work 8-10 hours 6 days a week on as chef on resturang so i have a big payment from work so i can host servers without asking my mommy like you. tuffguy

Hard to believe with spelling like that.

Anyway, PERP is a rather difficult gamemode to come by, concerning it’s age. The best you’d be able to find is someone selling the gamemode, and the price is generally not too agreeable.

Not many people are gonna give you it here, considering it’s stolen. That, and chances are you’ll get one ridden with exploits.

And anyway, Hunts already sold perp2 to some fail community called eternal prophets.

how do i get in contacts with Hunts? i played on his Pulsareffect server so i know who Hunts is.

Figure that one out yourself, im not gonna help you with that one, especially since you called me a “tuffguy” from me making a valid point of stereotyping you into the zone of 90% of PERP players being 12 year old kids from either Denmark or Netherlands with the respective country tag in their name. I think that is perfectly true.

Yes ofc i called you a tufguy you called me a 12 yr old kid. you talked crap in my thread, my question was Perp Gamemode not what my age was.

Just shut up, he isn’t asking for your help and your not contributing with your shit posts at all. tuffguy

So does someone know how i can get contact with hunts?

ask someone running PERP? granted there is a server running it

Umad bro? (Not Trolling You BTW)

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You dont get it you twat.

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He works at a restaurang ( is that how he spelt it?) so he should be able to afford it.