PERP Gamemode

**Who can give for free :smiley: or sell PERP gamemode , what is working with instruction to add - mysql - becouse i don’t realy know how to add it. Its good if its PERP1 **

I can.

  1. - its the sql Download it
  2. and search PERP

here is how to install

Thank you for downloading ;)

Now, there are a few things to know about perp...
1. It can be buggy when garry updates gmod
2. It needs a fair dedicated machine to run on
3. It needs a database(make a local one, or use
4. It comes with its own custom admin mod(moded assmod)
5. It requires that the server has the gm_tmysql.dll module installed
Which I included :)
6. It MUST be run on a dedicated server because the hooks do not work in single player or a LAN hosted game

Now that we have that out of the way, here is how to set it up:
1. If your hosting from home you should first get srcds and set that up before moving on.
2. paste 'perp' in orangebox/garrysmod/gamemodes
3. paste 'Pulsar Effect' in orangebox/garrysmod/addons
4. paste 'gm_tmysql.dll' in lua/includes/modules
5. paste 'libmysql.dll' in the same folder as srcds.exe
6. Setup a database at
7. Import 'root.sql' on your database
8. edit line 3 of sv_pe_reqs.lua to
tmysql.initialize("IP", "MypHp Username", "MypHp Password", "Database name", 3306, 1, 10)
Note: the IP for is
9. Your all done, if you set everything up correctly your perp server will work
If you have troubles make sure you did ALL of the steps
And make sure your ports are forwarded

Enjoy :)

ok you need the gm_tmysql.dll to and the libmysql.dll.Here is the link just svn down load it.

Or if you are too lazy to find PERP

Whi know how to Setup PERP ?

Give me 20 dollars and I’ll set it up for you

No Thx , just now i spent 10Euro on the gamemode, and ween i come here i found the link :frowning:

Sucks to be you

I know

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So if someone can help me to setup it for free it will be great :smiley:

I can set it up for free :stuck_out_tongue:

With MySQL and to add database ??

How about I help you.

I’ll help you by telling you not to bother with PERP.
Just look at the server list, pretty self-explanatory.
And don’t tell me “you’ll make a difference”, because I’m 100% sure you wont seeing as you can’t even set it up by yourself.

This. If you cannot set the gamemode up, you won’t be able to manage running it. Instead of adding to the cancer that is RP, look into creating something unique, GMod really needs it in this dire age of gamemode stagnation.

To make it unique:

One, get rid of useless role-play features like drugs, NPCs, cars(?), weapons, skills, crafting, stamina, unneeded chat commands, and other stuff.

All role-play needs is a good serious player base, and a chat box.

I fix the SQL problem now , i start to fix the bugs from the gamemode.

When will people get creative, and make a good gamemode?

I realy don’t know , but PERP its much better then DarkRP :smiley:

No it isn’t, there is more drama caused by PERP than DarkRP.

The way you type… just… UGH.

fuck perp is a pain in the ass to set up!

i just tryed and it completly raped my server… literally RAPED it! i can’t even set my other gamemodes or anything… >:(

I don’t realy know about what you talk?