PERP Gamemode?

Is anyone selling a working copy of Perp 3.0 +?

Heheh, he said Perp

There is no version 3.0

I may be wrong, But I believe there indeed is.


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There isn’t, it’s a renamed perp 2.5

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Well, there isn’t one officially.

Ah, I thought I saw a server that said Perp 3.0.
Also OP, Don’t go with RP for your server. The roleplay community in gmod is utter crap from what I have seen.

Lol, well there isnt much more to chose from and I really enjoy perp.


Well, If you must do roleplay.
Could you wait and try the clockwork roleplay gamemode? Looks promising. If you must have perp than I wish you luck.

I really advise against you using PERP for the following reasons:

  1. Unless you plan on actively changing and fixing things so it’s not just PERP but rather something of your own, then I really think you shouldn’t use PERP at all. You’ll just be like 7/8 of the other PERP servers with a player count under 16.
  2. PERP comes with a lot of drama, no matter what.
  3. Judging on you asking the Facepunch community for PERP I highly doubt your abilities.

However, if you really want a copy and you’re up for it,

EDIT: Oh hey, PERP3 is on there.


Well if someone is willing to set up PErp On My Server and get it working ill pay upwards of 50$

Fuck yes

At least he’s paying.

I can set it up, but I can tell you right now, the amount of work you have to put into the gamemode to at least get it in a workable state, probably isn’t worth how much profit you want to make… I’m assuming your in this for profit? If your in it for fun, then your server probably won’t last too long since you’re going to have to ban all the danish kids…

Yeah, those Danish kids…

Also get ready for attacks. You’ll be attacked, a lot.