PERP -> Garry's Mod 13?

Has anyone started working on it? I mean i can already see how on Garrysmod 13 the serverlist will be spammed with DarkRP and shit like that.

Yet you asked PERP?

i hope not

I was talking to a PERP server owner (absolute wanker) and he hired someone to port. He intends on selling it for 250 dollars.

God, we don’t need this ported to GMod 13. It would be good if this update clears theserver browser a bit.

It would be nice if Garrys Mod 13 had something other then roleplay.

Building? In a sandbox game where you can build anything easy?
Psssh I’d rather roleplay a criminal thug who dont need no police!

I hope all of the RP gamemodes break on Gmod 13 and RP becomes a private thing again with no public gamemodes.

One can only hope…

Let it die, it’ll be like the [del]good[/del] better ol’ days.

I heard someone had done it already. Not sure what threat I saw it in though. But to be honest I don’t mind if DarkRP is in Gmod13 (Although completely revamped) but PERP is long gone.

Mine works on GM13.

Screen is grey atm as i don’t have access to a database.

If you seriously still have the var transfer script with perp, you should kill yourself.

inb4 Dannex. tries selling his “Perp5.5” for $4,000
rents servers that run it for $200 / month (you dont get rcon or ftp)

dear lord

just let this gamemode die already

PERP dying will be too good to be truth dbk.