Perp Help

Hi, I just changed my gamemode to Perp and there are a few problems. When anybody joins, there is a box in the middle of their screen. The only way to remove the box is to talk to an NPC, but when you rejoin the game, the box comes back. Also, the NPC’s are in the wrong positions and scoreboard is messed up. If anyone knows how to fix any of these problems, please post. Or if you have a non-buggy perp, please link.


No one will help you with a stolen gamemode.

maybe som1 will

Doubt it.

Sorry, not going to happen either.

no one will help you dude.

I’ll help you for 10 bucks.

Your Cheap

[Ironic]Lol no!, thats not cheap???[/Ironic]

Ever heard of Cider Two? [sp]Best example I can come up with[/sp]
Conna sells that gamemode for around $400.