I have set up perp but i am having some SQL problems…

what do i put for host? in the for the sv_pe_reqs ?

mines like

tmysql.initialize(“host”, “myusername”, “thepassword”, “databasename”, 3306, 6, 5)

i have the username and pass and datanam filled out but what do i put for the host???

and everytime i go in game and talk to an npc with a chat diolog it gives me an error like perp\gamemode\sh_player.lua:93: attempt to index field ‘RoleplayData’ (a nil value)

… any help?

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IP or hostname used to connect to the mysql server, eg, localhost, or

If you can’t use mysql, I wouldn’t even try setting up a perp server.

He also must be old enough :v:

Actually, Gustav, I’m pretty sure you have to be 12 and younger to play perp