[Perp] How to fix these errors?

So i know some of you will hate on me for this but how do i fix these errors.

[gamemodes\perp3\gamemode\sv_player.lua:240] attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
[@gamemodes\perp3\gamemode\sv_vehicles.lua:268] Tried to use a NULL entity!
[gamemodes\perp3\gamemode\sv_vehicles.lua:814] attempt to call method 'GetFuel' (a nil value)
Timer Error: [gamemodes\perp3\gamemode\sv_misc.lua:71] attempt to index global 'gatekeeper' (a nil value)


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No seriously, show us the code in those files so we can fix it.

In order:
Table doesnt have the index thats searched for.
Wrap the entity in ValidEntity there.
GetFuel doesnt exist.
gatekeeper module. Get it and install it.

I have got Gateskeeper module.

Did you do ‘require( “gatekeeper” )’

EDIT: its the gatekeeper module, its outdated and not working but when ever i get the updated one of the svn i get a steamid error.

put this in your server.cfg

gk_force_protocol_enable 1
gk_force_protocol 21

Thank you :slight_smile: