Perp lost cuase

The popular gamemode PERP has had lots of overhauls and costs money just to get it. Is it relly worth the time and money or should perp become free like darkrp and possibly wipe out darkrp if It was free?

It would never wipe out DarkRP. You obviously don’t understand why DarkRP does as well as it does.

Yes I know because it’s simple but I’m looking at a capabilities point of view.

PERP is horrible. It shouldn’t even exist anymore. If it did wipe out DarkRP, it’d probably make everyone smell like shit.

Stop starting flame-wars. Look what happened to my post! I asked for 1 SIMPLE FUCKING ANSWER.


Although PERP is fun, it takes away the players creativity choices, unlike some DarkRP servers which allow building of your own shops or creating your own characters personality with the jobs that some servers offer. PERP on the other hand forces your hand as a civilian who can either be a police officer, fire fighter or a civilian who breaks the law constantly cause that’s the only fun thing to do.

Ya your right grazing bacon but it’s so easy to edit the lua to allow spawn menu it would be like darkrp but just a little more exciting

The problem with hosting PERP is people get mad easily and take down your server

Perp can get dodosed because of lazy admins not taking care of problems

So you are defending PERP? It isn’t because of the admins. Sometimes, the admins can be cool. It is the fucking kids that play the piece of shit. They just can’t handle being banned for “RDM” so they just use LOIC to send some shitstorms towards the server.

Ok I’m not defending and I’m not going to start a war. I agree nightmare but let’s not flame

Well, if you are able to get it up and running, and handling it properly it’ll work out well.

PERP isn’t being sold by the official owners, you’re being sold perp by randoms who claim to own it. Gosh, seriously guys, at least get your fucking facts right.

That is also true, if someone would take the time to remake or edit DarkRP with many of the features that PERP has (Publicly) it would be a blast to play on.

Does it even matter? Both gamemodes are shit.

If its shit why do you care so much about it to complain?

PERP’s not so bad when you got the right community and good coders to back that community up. I hate RP’ing but I enjoy playing an unserious server that kind of broadens the gameplay a bit. Perhaps it’s moreso because I enjoy the friends I have on it and there’s a lot of screwing around that goes on.

I just can’t stand 99% of the PERP servers I’ve played, though, because I just can’t stand the uptight and overdramatic communities and the bad administration that comes with it.

Ok guys I got banned by a crap post but I’m back.

Ok I’m currently running darkrp and we are very laid back and we sort of rp most of my community like it that way. I think perp mixed with darkrp would be cool. It would be the greatness perp has and the freedom darkrp has mixed together.

They are two completely separate takes on RP and would not work together.

Well, you could add some of the specific jobs, weapons, cars, or drugs from PERP to DarkRP and have it work, maybe. Adding anything from DarkRP would be over-complicating the gameplay of PERP, though.