PERP Lua Errors

Hello People!

I’m getting these errors on my PERP server. As I’m not the best Lua coder I believe there are someone whos much better that can see the problem.


I have a few much more. But these are the most recent.

If you need any more info or a complete file please tell me.

Remember to mind your good language!

As everyone else will say it:
“Stop using leaked gamemodes that are now broken.
That should definitely fix it.”

Before you reply I want to say:

    1. PERP is leaked … no matter what thief shop you brought it from.
    1. Asking PERP related questions on facepunch will only give you negative feedback.
    1. That’s not errors but parts of a/more lua file(s). Only people who illegally have the files can help you.

(1) You’re missing gatekeeper probably.
(2) Don’t use leaked perp.
(3) Perp
(4) Perp
(5) GateKeeper
(6) GatePerp
(7) Gate.
(8) DMCA Comin’ @cha. (lol)

Nice contradiction. Does that mean you have no more problems?