PERP map

Hi i am making an event map for a PERP server that is soon coming up.

How do i add a car-salesman to the map? its the only vendorNPC i need on this map, as it is for racing.
Would like to know where i can find several things like this, as i am going to map for this perp server.

Thanks in advance

You make an entity with the same classname as the npc vendor I think.

In perp all NPC’s are spawned in lua. gamemode/sv_modules/setup_map.lua

So the NPC placement is decided by the owner… can it only hold the info of one map at once?

yes but the code detects the map, then if its evocity one it puts npc’s / spawn locations / vehicle spawn locations / jail locations etc in the correct places, if its evocity2 it’ll put them in other positions, you could just add another elseif with your own locations or edit over the evocity ones and change the map it’s looking for.