PERP Modules?

Hi, what modules do i need to use for PERP? (e.g MySQl Module)

No one will help you with a leaked gamemode…

quoted for truth

You sure?

Leaked? I brought it from Hunts fucking nupcake! -.- And he said i need to post on FP to see what modules i need.

Then it’s PERP2 not perp I guess, and I dunno what modules…

Do a search in files for require.

Zip it up and post it here, and I’ll have the results back to you as soon as possible!

How does hunts expect us to know which modules PERP2 (if its that)
I smell a guy who wants help with leaked gamemodes

^^ this guy it talking truth after all perp2 was leaked

Probbably he wanted help with PERP1


Any thread with PERP in the title should be autoban really…

I brought a WORKING version of PERP1, now, what modules do i need? Since he can’t remember the correct modules.

No, he didn’t. Hunts said himself that he doesn’t even HAVE a copy of PERP1. I would have helped you had you not lied.

And who would buy a leaked gamemode anyways, either you got scammed or most probbably your lyin

omfg, then nvm. -.-’

Just tmysql I believe, but I don’t know if it works anymore.

He never said he bought anything.


Like said before:

  • Open Notepad++
  • Ctrl + F ( Search )
  • Search through the files in gamemodes/perp for: require("

You probably need:

  • tmysql

I can’t think of any other modules an RP gamemode would need.

tmysql, gatekeeper, slog, pimpmyride(if its perp2)

He has PERP1.