PERP MySQL Problem

I am in need of help because I set up the database and have all the files but when I input all the information into ‘sv_hooks.lua’ I cannot connect to the game because it says ‘Refreshing SMFID’. (By the way, its PERP3.5)

Where have you set up the MySQL database, and how?

I set the MySQL database up with GoDaddy and I created the database and imported the sql file.

GoDaddy probably doesn’t allow external SQL connections

Really, so I bought a website and domain for no reason lol?

Yes, GoDaddy only allows connections on http (port 80) and https (port 443). So the issue is going to be remote mysql connections won’t be accepted.

Well you should have expected that when you got shared hosting, it’s not like they’re going to let you do a shitton of queries from a remote connection for a gameserver.

It allows external connections with Direct Database Access, I just found out.

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Well what other database providers are there that would work?

I run my MySQL off the box with the gameservers…

Any tutorials?