PERP Server Construction.

I’m prepared for flames.

But as much as i’ll be flamed, i will say, i believe paying for a LUA gamemode in gmod is WRONG. Making people pay for something that should be open source, it’s as bad if not worse than pirating.

I am not saying i pirated my copy of perp. :rolleyes:

Anyways, yes, i realize you all hate me for making a perp server, but i love running RP servers, and i love perp.
I’m not doing this for profit, my perp server will be a little to no donation server, and if i do take donations it will be for the sole purpose of paying for the server. Leftover cash at the end of every month will be put towards next months bill.

I’m setting up my perp server right now. I fairly competent with lua, and know how to bugfix and such.

Can anyone help me with this bit?

if isDedicatedServer() then
tmysql.initialize(“”, “mpthraud_PerpUsr”, “ih78}%&6hCs1r(y]”, “mpthraud_perp2”, 3306, 2, 2) // CHANGE THIS LINE
tmysql.initialize(“”, “game”, “game”, “pd”, 3306, 2, 2) // CHANGE THIS LINE

if isDedicatedServer() then
	tmysql.initialize("", "game_server", "DNoceC9GurH4SpteN310tpKzWqBD13PIoGgkN6FvRQ5m0G344q", "pd_gmod", 3306, 2, 2) // CHANGE THIS LINE
	tmysql.initialize("", "game", "game", "pd", 3306, 2, 2) // CHANGE THIS LINE

I see that the first block is commented out by default, so i havent changed anything in there, but the second block i have an idea of what to do but it hasn’t been working, any help?

Do you have tmysql module in lua/includes/modules?

Have you properly imported the tables and verified?

I’ve properly imported the tables, i had my server provider who is a friend of mine and knowledgable perp person double check that. I don’t have that module though, where can i find it?

edit: im also receiving no visible errors, just retrieving SMFID, then a reconnecting countdown, then it reconnects me and stays in that loop forever

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If anyone could add scipherneo on steam and help me with this, it’d be greatly appreciated.

I’m honestly surprised at the amount of people posting that same block of code pointing to a server at (which exists but I can’t see if it’s connectable as I’m on my tablet). Are you sure you’re not using a leak? It’s okay, you can come clean.

You should be able to find tmysql with a quick Google.

I figured out the correct order of where to put my sql info in that block of code, and i’m pretty sure i figured out where most of my bugs were coming from and eliminated them. Currently changing to a different perp version, as that one was corrupt and broken, and i’ve tested this one before, and with my new knowledge of SQL i can make it work fine :stuck_out_tongue:

ANYWAYS, stating that my copy is a leak could lead to closure of the thread, or my account, both of which i don’t want.

So no, it isn’t a leak :downs:

No it wouldn’t, no one cares

Well either way, it seems i got it working and connected and stuff, but there are SO many bugs. Not a single thing is working basically. I’m in the process of getting more experience with LUA, so i think this is a good way to learn some things, but if anyone would be willing to help me out or point me in the right direction, add scipherneo on steam. Thanks