PERP Server

So I’m a total noob to the PERP gamemode and status of Pulsar Effect,
but I’ve gotten the PERP gamemode and wanted to know if its against the rules to talk about a server running this gamemode here.

Right now I want to know your thoughts about someone running an unofficial PERP server and would it be piss or a good idea.

I do believe…

A. PE is dead?
B. You need expressed permissions from the Owner(s) to run the gamemode.
C.If you actually read the server ad rules, you will see you WILL get banned for adverting a leaked gamemode.
D.Using someone’s gamemode without thier permission, is very rude, and unkind. You will most likely get Minor to Medium Heat, depending on the opinon of the general populace.
E.If you dont know how to operate PERP, I wouldnt take a shot at it. Even if you knew how to, it would be heavily disadvised to do so.

There is an authorized server up, just play there unless it already banned you for having the gamemode.

Can I have the IP for the authorised server? I used to love playing PERP, and I don’t fancy supporting gamemode thieves.

Ehm PE is completely dead.

And the only other “Big/Official PERP” server i know about, is Exiled Servers, and I’m almost positive they stole the gamemode.

I was just wondering if anyone really still cared about that much about the gamemode to flame me and be all like “herp derp PERP is a private gamemode” and stuff.

EDIT: here’s an example of someones chat log, one of the guys from Venatus Deferno who are “Authorized”:

Bob the Builder: Hey, lynx and I have a question…I know it may be pushing it a little as we are already hosting GMR…but we would love you forever and ever if we could host perp1, we know that this kinda comes at a bad time…and if you say no we will respect that decision. I would also like to add that it was incredibly generous for you to let us host GMR and we are extremely grateful for that

hunts: sure

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give.

He also stated that he doesn’t even have a copy of PERP anymore

Griffin unless there is a screenshot of that conversation that chat log is un-usable evidence, Exiled servers is just pretty much a copy n paste job of the leak a while back but the VD servers actually have edited it a little with the VGUI and more.

He just copy pasted Bob’s chatlog with Hunts for VD which I know is real, I think they have a screeny of it on their forums.
Also, stop contradicting yourself.

I as a PE Administrator know that VD runs it with permission.

What he said.

Right, what I’m saying is that hunts just goes “sure” VD saying can we please run your gamemode.
Later in the chat log he states that he doesn’t even have a copy of PERP1, and IMO it really seems like he doesn’t care about PERP anymore.

That’s my argument, if the creator doesn’t really care, why can’t others just use the gamemode.