perp setup?


You’re asking FP how to set up a leaked gamemode?

You learn how to use the internet and then consult your common sense before bothering other people.

This is what you do. Delete every file you have for perp, because it’s leaked. I am pretty sure it is copyrighted, even if Pulsar Effect just shut down a couple days ago.

@Kodex wasnt it you that thought perp would be up in a week?

perp isnt copyrighted

perp2 on the other hand

It doesn’t matter if it is or it isn’t.

its still a stolen gamemode…
Would you like to see someone steal your gamemode because you forgot to copyright it?

My community’s gamemode was stolen. Guess what? Copyrights don’t mean shit.

Hasn’t like 3 different Pulsar Effect GMs been leaked? If I recall right Violence Evolving was theirs.


Well OP, to be quite honest I think I’ve gotten over my anger towards the cunts that host stolen PERP.

On the other hand, if you’re too stupid to set up your stolen gamemode you dont deserve it in the slightest, so go away.

well… The perp gamemode and the DB file were released on
And everybody does it, but if no one wanna help, close this thread.

so your saying because its hosted on its OK to download it?

Depends on who’s hosting it.

I dont get your point.

Thats like saying its okay to kill someone just because they’re within the range of your rifle. Just because you CAN do something doesnt mean you’re granted immunity of any consequence, legal or social, just because the parameters of the event permit your stupid actions.

In other words, just because someone else put PERP on, doesnt mean you can blame THEM for YOU stealing the gamemode, you’re at as much fault as the people that hosted it.

Also, once again, if you’re too stupid to set up a stolen gamemode on your own, you dont deserve to in the slightest, so no, no one really should help you.

Or you could give it out for free because it’s worth nothing.

i know ppl who are selling it for $150 for a copy of updated, fixed files.

let this thread die already please >.<…Its a stupid topic about something stupid and not worth being in the lua newbie questions

That is so not worth it. I bet I still have a copy lying around somewhere…

The last copy of it to be leaked had a few lines of the mysql code removed to stop fags like OP being able to set it up