PERP source code

Alright so, I’m looking to maybe creating a little gamemode for a server of my own, improve something that I loved but hated, and see where it goes from there. At this current moment I’m interested in taking perp, and fixing it into something truely presentable. I’m going to attempt to fix a lot of the problems of roleplay as a whole, and blah blah blah, I’m just looking for a way to obtain the source code to start my coding adventure. Any tips as to where to find it?

It’s not going to happen. No one is going to help you steal a gamemode. If you had the ability to ‘fix’ it you could code your own RP. I suggest you start with DarkRP and look at its source and work from there.

Please don’t feel like I’m being hard on you, but this is developer discussion, not the “theft-plagiarism&wares” section. You can’t use that code, in part or in whole for anything you do ( and you really wouldn’t want to anyways ).

Look, if you’re interested in developing something from scratch, or by modifying DarkRP as the post right before mine suggests ( There’s even a MASSIVE DarkRP help thread where MOST DarkRP questions should be directed unless complex enough such as creating new modular systems which may be used with the game-mode but isn’t directly associated with modifying existing code: ), we’ll be more than happy to help you as you get stuck along the way.

There’s also something else that may be working for you: I’m going to be releasing a “skeleton” game-mode in the near future which will have a TON of useful functions, mathematical formulas solved, data structures, classes and so much more! Really there would only be game-logic to write after that plus a few systems I won’t include.

So, the question of the day: What have you tried developing / coding so far, what errors do you have and need help with?

How much Lua experience do you have? Here are some helpful resources and tips to help you get started!

Here are some resources which may help you:

The Lua manual, this will definitely help you get started!

The New Garry’s Mod Wiki, has a ton of information, how to use the function calls, how to integrate vgui elements, and more!

Not everything is on the new Garry’s Mod Wiki yet, if it’s not there, it’s here. There is a lot of things that has changed since Garry’s Mod 12, to Garry’s Mod 13. This is primarily for 12.

A place to hire coders:

One of the best places to start, if by modifying TTT. Start by changing the sweps, more realistic fire-rates, balance the damage, add a feature which changes the cone based on if you’re moving, firing from the hip, aiming down the sights, crouching, holding the walk button, etc etc. Start small, start by doing simple things and work your way up!

I’m not looking at robbing someone else’s work god knows I wouldn’t want anyone to do the same to me. Sorry if I didn’t clarify that, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was owned by any one person, I believe there is a thread around here saying pretty much just that. I am simply looking to obtain the code, if it have to buy it, who do I have to buy it from, who actually owns it?

You would have to illegally obtain it in one way or another. As others have stated start with DarkRP.

Yes, I know that’s an option, but does anyone know who actually owns it, I’ve heard Pulsar Effect sold it…

PERP is apparently owned by Killslick, the current owner of Hellzoneclan and Pulsar Effect Roleplay. If you wanted a LEGAL copy, you’d probably have to ask him, and he probably won’t sell it to you because its a private gamemode given only to a select few communities to run.

According to the man himself, over half the PERP servers running right now are illegal.

I would stop searching if I were you, cause Killy would get all up in your ass about it.

PERP is shit anyways.

I’d recommend what Acecool said, just adopt DarkRP.

I mean… its shit, that’s kinda what I wanted to change. The problem with RP servers as a whole is their dependance on admins. They rely on the player to not break the game. Its an unintelligent system and though what I have when I’m done won’t be RP at all, that’s exactly what I’m going for. As for these fake servers, he couldn’t shut them down because he couldn’t provide proof he owned the code, if I’m correct. And, if I’m also correct, the author of the code is still unknown, and the code was never properly protected. At least, that’s what I read, am I wrong?

You don’t quite understand what we’re saying…

It seems as if you are trying to convince us to give you the source code for the gamemode, but it’s illegal, and you could get both of our asses in trouble.

If you want to make a great RP gamemode, then code it yourself. Who knows, maybe it may end up like PERP, selling like wildfire and for a good amount of cash if you plan on selling the script.

Wait until my next release. No reliance on 10 pages of rules, just a few common sense rules. Automatics, and more. I’m bringing Crime City to Garry’s Mod from Operation Flashpoint, Arma and Arma 2 which I originally developed around 2001.

If you’re just looking to play, there will be something quite fun out soon! I just need to do the vgui stuff :frowning:

I’m actually considering coding a VGUI designer tool just to finish up the last part of my game-mode. The only problem is cataloging all of the current vgui elements and panels.

Still, the fact that you even have to HAVE rules. I mean its ridiculous. Ever tried to explain the concept of NLR to a twelve year old? The game should enforce itself, it sucks that we can’t have nice things, but we CANT have nice things.

It’s just a pain in the ass to fix, play, and even find it. It’s not worth the hassle.

You’re always going to need some rules, otherwise the server would be full of trolls, racists, etc…

Rules such as respect all players, have fun, find and report bugs? That’s pretty much all the rules I have set up. There is no /me in my game-mode, everything is automated. If you can do it, you can do it.

Also, as for NLR, wait until you see the system I’m making based on a friends idea; no other server has anything even remotely close to it; it solves the problem.

-snip- not getting into this drama shitfest

PERP is just a massive hunk of messy and dusguisting code. I’d suggest against it.