Looking for someone to help me set up a PERP server.

Isn’t this the third time you ask people on these parts of the forums to set up PERP for you? I think after 2 times, you should realize that people really don’t want to.

What about you keep your comments for yourself?

Also, im willing to pay if you set it up.

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Add me on steam and we’ll talk. [IG]Matthebest11

Uh, it’s a forum and I was generally pointing out something that you haven’t seemed to have understood yet. No need to call dumbs on me.

Im still looking to buy PERP add me on steam lolipop1113 or matthebest11

Oh, shut up. No one here is going to do it for you either way. Find somewhere else to ask.

Was I asking for your opinion? Maybe you won’t help and thats ok.

Anyway, why did you bump the thread?


Mate, it’s really not hard to setup… if you need help hit me up on steam rfielding671

Don’t bloody help lolipop.

perp :

Function Perp(ply)


hook.Add(“PlayerSpawn”, “Perp_spawn”, Perp)

Added u on steam on this account [IG]Matthebest11 right ?