How can I get the PERP RP gamemode? I cant find it. Does anyone know?

You don’t get it, as it is not available for public download.

You can not get it. Ever.

PERP is a private gamemode that was hacked and then leaked. There are no legal versions nor servers save for Venatus Defero’s group of servers as they approached hunts to acquire permission to host the gamemode.

Its bannable to share a link to it I believe.

why do you need it? there are already lots of servers running it, your server will not be more popular

Bannable where?

Pulsar Effect shut down… so where you gonna get banned?


i want it too

So it’s considered warez then? I bet it falls under the same category as us not being able to discuss the HL2 Beta for a while there.

You will get banned for leaking a gamemode. Check the first rule of this forum.