Ill teach you for 5$

I will teach you for 4 dollars and 100 cents USD.

I will teach you for 1 gold piece.

I will teach you for 769 yen

ill d0 eet for co-ownr pl0x

You want it my friend? Its yours, As long as you have enough- Sorry come back when your a little MMMMMMMMMMMMM Richer!

I’ll teach you for €3,64.

Ill teach you for 700 BILLION USD

I’ll teach you for a thousand rupees.

I’ll teach you for your soul

I will never teach you. No way, sorry.

will teach for dosh

I will happily do this for the following items.

5 bottles of Bud Dry
10 chinese spring rolls
3 boxes of super absorbent tampons.
a jar of cranberry sauce.
3 blueberry waffles.
a vial of Vanilla Extract
one apple pie.
A box of neopolitan Ice Cream.
a Michael Bolton CD.

If you haven’t already figured it out, you’re not getting any help from here.
In a matter of fact, most people on here hate PERP and everything associated with it and you’ve only made yourself look like a fool by coming here.

I’d actually be willing to help, but this thread is too funny to not continue.

I’ll do it for eighty seven cheeseburgers.