Hello, anyone know where to buy PERP? :slight_smile:
why would you buy a lua gamemode

Is probally backdoors in all contents on that website.

PERP is filled with exploits anyway, not like backdoors are going to cause you any more problems then you will be having without them(though i’m pretty sure they aren’t backdoored)

Then don’t use the gamemode…? I don’t even see a point in trying - your community, or server for that matter, wont last long.

Dramaunlimited is back door free, now say thank you.

Wasn’t before, I found a base64 encrypted c99 shell…

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however, that might not have been theirs, but still

They remove the back doors from their newer stuff. But if you really want to pay, OP, I will sell you a drama unlimited copy of perp.

I will sell him two!

I’ll sell him 5, half price!

I’ll sell him the 6, 90% off (Late Black Friday/Cyber Week deal)

I’ll sell you two DU PERP3.5’s, a PERP5, PERP2.5, PERP1, 2, and 3, AND I’ll throw in a PERP25.

Don’t listen to them, I will add new cars and call it PERP3.6, all I ask for is for you to pay me half donations and make me co-owner. Trust me I do lua gewd.

donut trust chessofnuts, he es bad cawder, all he dus is change skins on combine moduls.

Actually those skins were sick… I digress though, donut do it!

Can this thread die now?

Hey um I would like to accept that deal!!!

I believe there is a backdoor in the basewars on Drama Unlimited (at least that’s what I heard in the comments) but that’s to be expected considering most of the gamemodes are user submitted. So out of curiosity has anyone installed the PERP on Drama Unlimited yet? Does it work with the latest version of Garrysmod without any tweaking?

Where can i find PERP 4.5 or 5? They are not on the site?

everything past PERP2 is just a reskin with some new cars

hey can some one help me setup a PERP sever well it doesnt have to be a sever but i would like to know how to setup the files and stuff so it is playable please someone help me

I’ve made it my job to find all the exploits within perp and perp2… So far it seems I happened to find at least 23 (12 in perp and 13 in perp2) exploits which should have been caught right when it was coded…

I’m sure there are more…