Perp2 Comming Soon!

Perp 2 Servers SHOULD be online sometime today or tomurrow

Ive seen a few clues about it

For Example, Admin Beta, PERP Normally has its admin betas just before release to show the admins new commands, New Features, and where everything is

hes left these clues on his twitter:

What do you think?

He doesn’t say it’s going up today or tomorrow.

Just leave it alone CM. It will be up when they want it.

:siren:1prep sah I:siren:

But i remember the day be1 perp 1 came out he said Admin Beta

And he did also give a reply to someone on twitter “Most likely not tomorrow unfortunately.” But the question had “or in a couple days”

So theres my 2nd clue

But all i can say is Keep a eye on the forum :slight_smile:

Il be posting when the servers up

How about, you stop obsessing over a great gamemode, but terrible community that makes the gamemode terrible with abusive admins. + Your late, and have no evidence the servers are going up