Perp2 help

Hello , i recently found a working version of perp2 , but came accross some problemes when trying to regsiter a player to my perp server. I looked into the code deeper , and found it trys to register you to your custom smf forum. So to do so it needs a register.php file to register you to this forum. And it has a http call back and checks if content is “s” , if so it continues without probleme , othr wise it will make you try and re register.

So that my probleme , missing register.php , not saving due to that , and constant wasting time.

So i have some to FP for help. I know alot of you will critisize me about running perp2 server without hunts concent. I was not able to contact hunts , thus not being able to inform him.

So could anyone help me please?

Nobody is going to help you with a stolen gamemode

Grah… How many times must we post this, “Facepunch does not endorse/encourage the stealing or leaking of gamemodes. Help will not be given to those who steal/leak gamemodes” even though PERP is open as Dark RP you should learn to code yourself.

I’m not here to flame, but it would be much easier to understand if you wrote with proper grammar.
Well, as the poster above me said, we don’t support stolen/leaked gamemodes, otherwise, I would try to help you.

Read the FP rules and and if you got it from Drama Unlimited it has seven backdoors in the script.

dont worry , i found them :slight_smile:

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Also , i fixed it :slight_smile: