Perp2 serverproblem

Evrytime i connect to mu server ther is comming up trquestin smpt or somthing like that and then it reconnects all the time what i have to do

rofl please dont even try to host perp2 if you do not know how to fix that error

Like common i knOw how to work with it it bit just al litle problems like these facepunch has made to help auther pepols so somwone help me with it

  1. How old are you.
  2. It would be good to put what the error is instead of a misspelling or “generalization” of what it is.
  3. Spelling please. + Grammar

this is funny

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Also, it would be more helpful if you could tell us if you have a Legal/Illegal copy of Perp2.

I believe this may be the “SMFID” bug. From research on the internet, I would suggest refreshing the server’s database, or restarting the server.

I dont know i have a thread on fp and somwone give me a link in a lan server it works but once i start a internet server i dont work o and can somwone give me the legal one for free

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