PERP3 Lua Error Help

I tried starting my perp sever today and when I joined I was met with a grey colored screen, my inventory box and a never ending spam of lua errors.

These are the errors that keep repeating endlessly.

[PERP3\gamemode\vgui\inventory.lua:102] attempt to index global ‘SKIN’ (a nil value)
[PERP3\gamemode\vgui\hud.lua:222] attempt to index field ‘Options_ShowNames’ (a nil value)

Heres the two lines of code it says is broken…Any ideas?


if (!LocalPlayer():InVehicle() && GAMEMODE.Options_ShowNames:GetBool() && eyeTrace.Entity && IsValid(eyeTrace.Entity) && (eyeTrace.Entity:IsDoor() || eyeTrace.Entity:IsVehicle())) then


SKIN:PaintFrame(self, true);

how about don’t use a broken leaked PERP3?

Says the guy who is all about PERP.

Where is SKIN and GM.Options_ShowNames defined?

Change it to

if (!LocalPlayer():InVehicle() && eyeTrace.Entity && IsValid(eyeTrace.Entity) && (eyeTrace.Entity:IsDoor() || eyeTrace.Entity:IsVehicle())) then


PANEL:PaintFrame(self, true);

The inventory might not work, Seen as i do not know the variabe used.

Use the D3lux version of PERP3 on DramaUnlimited, it works better !

lol no it doesnt. delux gaming perp from drama unlimited is broke as f*k. if you get it you have to do some recoding to get it to work.

It needs some fixes, I agree. The scripts are like not finished, and some parts of the code were being “rewritten” when the code was leaked, I guess. Those fixes are perfectly realizable and most of them are really simple.

Exemple: ATM is broken because it doesn’t call the right command. Copy + Past = Fix

It still works better than that guy’s shit and is probably easier to fix.