PERP3 - Refreshing Request for SMFID

i recently started a server and when i join the server it says this?? refreshing request for smfid
Can someone help me on steam to set it up?
my steam is delta1wolf
thanks very much guys

Turn off Sethhack

smfid. SMF. Simple Machine Forums. SMF is coupled with PERP3.

But you probably got a leaked version of this script. Stop making new thread about PERP until you prove you own it.

Why is it important to prove that he owns it? Everyone leaked PERP, and to be honest it really doesn’t matter because buying gamemodes is stupid.

Something is wrong with your MySQL. Check and make sure that all the stuff is entered correctly in sv_hooks.lua and you have the right .sql file.

is there a full tutorial somewhere on how to connect the mysql?

Tbh, if you can’t setup a simple PERP server, then you really don’t deserve PERP

If you add me on steam I will do it for you through team viewer.

Can you trust him?

Can I trust him or can he trust me?

Its obvious this guy leaked his (not a bad thing) but that does limit the perp gamemode alot…and that’s saying if you have a working perp release. This error is only fixable if you have a SMF website. SMF is free so all you need is a domain and a web-host. Domains are around 2 us dollars and web-hosting I would now know since I host my own. But I can tell you if you did own a SMF website this problem will be fixed.

But. Most releases of a leaked perp did not fully remove this action. So if your release still contains a customization for the original buyer(s) perp then you are screwed. So if I were you, I would just forget about perp…do a different gamemode. Less hassle.

if you know what you’re doing you can just get rid of the SMF integration…

No you are wrong you don’t need the smf frum all you need is the right SQL tables, I remade mine and it worked perfectly fine after having that error.

Can you share your tables? I was thinking it was an out-dated module like gm-tmysql.dll but if it’s just the tables… Could you possibly share your perp with me? It would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Buddy go to perp works fine off there -.-

Not from what I have tested. Keep ending up at smfid error…

Because you have the wrong tables…

Just dump your tables and list of DLL’s and let’s get this thread to the bottom of the sub-section!

PERP3 Doesn’t use SMF, these people haven’t really looked at the coding.

I know this because I was hired to do work to MAKE it perp3 after hunts left.


If you don’t know what you are doing then don’t setup a server.