PERP3 - Refreshing Request for SMFID

I started a PERP3 server, when I join the server it says “waiting for account info” for few seconds, then it says “Refreshing Request for SMFID” and then rejoin the server.
I have uploaded the SQL and put all info in sv_hooks can anyone help me please?

Set up the MySQL properly, and add the SQL file into it.
Should work, if you done it properly.
May depend on if you are running a windows or linux based server?

Windows, and i’m sure I put the info properly, maybe i put wrong ip? btw I do it in is it ok?

Should be ok, add me on steam: zyoxxxx
I can look through it.

Even if you set the MySQL stuff properly, you will get this error, since this version of perp is made for SMF which is a CMS or w/e

i fixed this by rearranging the fields in the sqltable

How did you re-arrange them exactly?

Make sure you allow the field to be null, otherwise you’ll get this error.