PERP3 Server Not working properly (LEGAL)

I have a legally owned Pulsar Effect 3 server, but I cannot get it to completely function. When you join the server it says “Loading account info” and then it says “Refreshing Request for SMFID”. I know that this error has to do with MySQL, but I cannot find a working fix. I have the mysql tables and information setup.

tmysql.initialize("mysql.*****","kunden_109718","********","kunden_109718", 3306, 8, 8) // CHANGE THIS LINE

I also get this error in console:

Unknown command: perp_rsl

NOTE: The *'s mean that I don’t want you to know that information.

If it’s legal, then I’d request help from the one you got it from?

I can’t expect a fast response from them.

Proof of purchase?

I see what you did there, it looks like you may have misconfigured the sql connection file, make sure all the data is correct?

The information is correct. I even checked it with my server host and he said it was good.

Make sure the host is allowing the Server IP to connect to it.

its xenonservers so its allowed from anywhere

Have the modules installed into the right spots.

PERP3 needs SMF, without that it will keep refreshing for SMFID if you dont find a way around it.

Could you elaborate on that? I do not know much about SMF. Do you know any workarounds? Honestly, I do not really know what SMF is.

It’s a type of forum software like MyBB and vBulletin.

What kind of MySQL server did you use? Maybe you use a non functional SQL server.

Wait a second! Why do forums have to do with making aERP server? Im as confused as a fat guy with a salad.

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Or how can I remove SMF integration? I have found that it is used in sv_networking.lua and is set here: Player.SMFID = Player:SteamID() on line 29, but how to I get rid of it?

It’s the tables your using, get the d3lux tables and then it should work fine.

You… are… amazing. Thank you!

Your Welcome, if you need anymore help just add me on steam.

PERP3 doesn’t need SMF.