Perp3 "SteamID Error"

Just having a minor issue when trying to run my gameserver on PERP3 ,
Before you start to connect to the server or even has a chance to get to the gmod loadingurl it will come up with an error “Disconnected SteamID Error”…
I’ve tried a few things but had no luck ,

If anyone could point me in right direction or knows the solution i’d greatly appreciate it (:

(BTW , Its not just my SteamID it’s coming up for everyone who connects with this error)

Try updating your server/gmsv_gatekeeper.dll

Yeah its deffinatly this file , I tried updating the server via my Cpanel and it didn’t fix it so I tried removing gmsv_gatekeeper.dll and I’m no longer getting the SteamID error.

What exactly does gmsv_gatekeeper.dll do ?

Thanks =D

Downloaded that file and uploaded it to the game-server & no longer getting the error.

1 issue down … God knows how many more to go -.-

No problem.