PERP3 vs DarkRP 2.4.3

Which is better and why?

I’m trying to determine which one to use on my dedicated server. So far I’ve been using DarkRP and it’s great, but I’ve heard that PERP is better than DarkRP. Problem is, the people that have vouched for PERP haven’t been able to tell me why they prefer it over DarkRP.

Basically, which one has more features? Forget about glitches and bugs, I can fix most LUA problems that might be present in PERP (heard a lot about that).

Thanks for any input.

PERP is better, because it has many features that prevent stuff that goes on in DarkRP (people going gun dealer and giving everyone guns). For example in PERP you have to go to the store and buy materials to create a gun, and you also have to save to get a car. PERP is more realistic and fun, DarkRP is normally unless you find a great server just people spamming guns and killing eachother.

I actually find perp runs smoother and is generally better than DarkRP

two completely different roleplay experiences

it’s just that darkrp is dated compared to perp

keep in mind if you choose perp, it’ll depend on how you administrate the server it plays out to be

Ah I see. I was actually planning to code a crafting system into DarkRP, so +1 for PERP.

Exactly what are you referring to? I do plan to customize almost every aspect of the game experience, as well as provide extended support through my forum.

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Any more feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am curious as to the compatibility between PERP and Evolve. Should I use a different admin mod with PERP? I suppose I could just install it and find out but it’s always advantageous to learn these things beforehand, saves time. Thanks again.

I say if you plan on using PERP - You should probable know some lua and have the knowledge running a correct one. You would see people whining over OOC who broke what every death that happens.
EDIT: Also you gotta use assmod as far as I know for PERP.

If you go with DarkRP - pretty much its setup and play. Most of them fail as nobody actually follow rules.

DarkRP can be customized easier and the newer versions don’t lag, I can tell you now that you will get more players with DarkRP than perp.

Perp forces you to use assmod and as far as I know it is pretty hard to add things to it and you also have the laggy maps and long downloads. But if you have the ability to code stuff for perp then perp will be A better choice.

I would try out the new game modes emerging for gmod 13 or make your own game mode. Theres already so many perp and DarkRP servers.

They are the same damn thing… I’m just gonna do this in audio:
Part 1:

Part 2:
I’ll get to it later…

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve decided to go with perp as a base. I am more LUA savvy than most, and I like the basic functions of perp. I’ve already begun development of my own game mode based on perp. When I get done with it, it will be pretty much an entirely new game mode that I plan to name LepTERP (Leptoon’s Total Environment Roleplay).

What do you plan on doing differently.

I’m glad you asked, though I shouldn’t be specific because my plans might change (and I don’t plan to publicly release it). But for starters, I’m doing a complete integration of Evolve and I’m throwing out assmod. That means I have to redo much of Evolve as well, but I vastly prefer Evolve so I think it’s worth the time. I have a few more ideas but it’s hard to really say at this point. You can find out more information on my changes once I’ve created an FAQ and other information articles on the servers website, Don’t expect to be utterly amazed, for the most part the changes will be back-end (eg. a LOT of code optimization and perhaps the replacement of MySQL with sqlite, as well as integration into my vbulletin forum).

EDIT: Just listened to about half of your recording. While I appreciate the effort, I would have preferred a grammatically correct paragraph or two of text lol. I’ll listen to the rest when there are no kids around… :wink: Btw, my servers driving force will be the police department. Newbies (not minges) will be very welcome on my server with the structure I have in mind. In fact, I want my server to be known for its newb friendliness. Due to the newb friendly atmosphere, however, I will require players to submit an application to be a police officer, SWAT, FBI or other yet to be determined government jobs. Players will also be required to view training videos and take a short exam for jobs like FBI Agent and SWAT Team Leader.

Roleplay should be rule-less. Anything discouraged in the game should be discouraged BY the game.
I have a perp server that runs on the above basis, and it’s insanely popular.

I do think there needs to be some rules on RP servers like prop surfing, mic spam, spamming props, exploiting the map etc.

But sometimes there’s so many rules for RP servers it gets so complicated and confusing, you seriously feel like one wrong move and the admin will just permaban you for not understanding the 30 pages of rules.

Servers that over do the rules really need to fuck off, the essentials should be put into place and as always admins have the final say

That’s an interesting concept. So there are no server rules, but are there in-game laws? How do you deal with disruptive activity (eg. robberies, muggings, random killing, miscarriages, etc)?

I agree completely. RP servers should have some common sense rules but not so many that it becomes a hassle to learn and obey them. My admins will be far less ban happy than those of some other servers.

You deal with disruptive activity through a well armed/trained police force. Having sentences which go above and beyond the little slap on the wrist[5 Minutes] and goto stuff such as two weeks in jail, would force people to rethink their actions.

Perp is a lot smoother and more realistic, while that isn’t always a good thing, it seems to work well.

It’s not.

Between DarkRP and Perp… idk i’ve had better experience in DarkRP and I just never really got into any servers that ran Perp… by that’s just my opinion… I just played DarkRP for so long I guess I just wanted an improved DarkRP or DarkRP server over a completely new RP game mode…

But when it comes to rules I listened to Joe’s audio thing… I mostly agree… the way i see it though… these rules are needed (not the 30 page list of rules but the basic rules such as prop pushing/surfing, mic abuse, and even rdm (i’ll touch on that). I just think the rules are being misinterpreted by the admins and players. For example, rdm. Most people take rdm as just plain killing someone. A gundealer kills off a gangster trying to rob the store (banned for 1 day “rdm”). But rdm is not killing people but killing people outside of RP. Example: some guy joins a server instantly goes gundealer and starts killing everyone without saying a word… now that’s rdm.

Idk… i’ve been out of Gmod RP for a while now… i kind of gave up after my favorite RP server got a new owner and things went down hill. I’m just waiting for a new server to come up that has both the fun stability and freedom that i once enjoyed. Good luck on your server btw.

Two weeks in jail? Fuck that they might as well be banned

The jail system was put in place to remind people that they need to stop being a twat, it’s just minor offences too.

What should be changed is how servers put a price on bail, I’ve been to some servers where cops charge $20,000 for say breaking NLR, that’s outrageously dumb

The difference between the two gamemodes is that one is a public version while another is a stolen one. Can you guess which one is stolen? Would you want to host a gamemode with a lot of backdoors and problems only experienced Lua programmers can fix?

Also, PERP is simply too much drama and trouble. You will start your server, gain a relatively large playerbase, and helplessly watch as it crumbles to pieces. Unless you are unemployed with a garbage truck full of money, it would not be a great idea to run a PERP server for you. PERP requires constant monitoring (admins can’t be trusted - they may abuse and start drama), so if you do not have an empty schedule almost every day, especially when (and if) your server is full, I recommend that you don’t bother and either stick to DarkRP or host something else.