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Anyone know a good way to keep ping down on gmod?

What is different?
Answer, judgement, strong man or foolish man… That’s always how it works here.

Check the updated post.

But what’s custom? I mean lets be literal here, are you just a PERP server where the only form of economic driver is something that its pointlessly illegal, and the players are literally swamped with rules because of such pointless borders?

The server is serious rp. Custom jobs eg security guard and many more coming soon.
Custom map rp_chaoscity_v33x_03 and changing to a newer custom one soon.
Star wanted system.
And there are ideas of new ways to get money other than drugs/banks/jobs/selling items you made.
If you have any suggestions while playing, there is a suggestion post on the forums. we are open to ideas, come play, let us know what you think before you criticize blindly.

Where is my image…

I’ll criticize blindly because the system isn’t a true economy, and 99.9% of the time that means it’s Cops Vs Robbers, not “Serious” RP.

I did not put this on here to be criticized i put it here so people who would like to play could play, so please kindly stop.

You post it, it gets criticized because it remains in the general discussion of your server.
Besides, what new has been brought to the table?

I don’t get how people miss the neon yellow post at the top saying advertising isn’t allowed

i changed it now.

“Friendly Admins” almost always means that its kid admins who ban everyone who doesnt agree with them or kill them.

so how do your remove a post?

PM this guy asking for your thread to be closed: