Perpsierracity_v3 crashing... NEED HELP!

The map sierracity_v3 is just crashing alot…
The problem is whenever you execute someone/Finish them in the new area… (Industrial and Suburban area… It causes the people either around them or the finisher to crash…
Also the map causes the server to crash at random times also.

Please! If you have a solution to this problem… PLEASE POST IT! Need your help ASAP! THANKS SO MUCH!

Compile log.

I don’t think its a map he made. He said “The map” not “My map”

Yea Idk what you mean by that… I do “own” it… but I didn’t make it… Its on my server and we just can’t seem to figure out why its crashing

Hey, we can’t help you then.

Could be your PC which is crashing it for you. Some PC’s can’t handle high spec maps.

Doesn’t make sense for other people to crash indefinitely.

Could be an in map error.

Could be the server. Does the crash happen on other maps?

No it just happens on this map… and everyone has the problem… Not just me…

Talk to the mapper of v3.

Sounds like ragdolls hitting displacements?