Persistent problems with Garrys Mod

I’ve had Garry’s mod for almost a year but I haven’t play with it that much because of some really glaring errors I get.

There are so many that I don’t even remember them. Maybe if I tell about a few maybe it will give people some idea of what I need to do to fix all this mess.

-Textures getting mixed up in Team Fortress 2 maps. Textures from HL2 are used instead of TF2.

-Textures getting mixed up on TF2 weapons. The shot gun has the texture of the shot gun in HL2

  • NewTF2 props are not shown in the browser. I want to use the hats but they aren’t in the browser.

-No Left 4 Dead content in the browser. I own L4D and everything but I don’t have it according to Garry’s mod

-No downloaded content from multi-player servers is rendered leaving everything as giant error messages.

I just assumed that the game was buggy beyond repair and abandoned it. I really love what you can do in garrys mod and I want to come back and make it playable with everything working the way it’s supposed to (the way it works for everyone else).

Reply with questions about more info and I’ll give it to you. I really don’t know whats behind this.

-1: There is a fix for this in the comics section stickie, probley fixes #2 as well
-This is due to the files having the same name, not garry’s fault.
-3:Check the browser, they are there.
-4:L4D isn’t mountable on gmod, they use different engine versions.
-5:You have to have the models client side in order to see most of them.

Could you give me the link to that post? I can’t find where you’re talking about.