Persistent Props

Save your contraptions to the map! Save whatever you want to the map, even after crashes!

The Persistent Props keep physics, can be interacted with (or frozen), and even be damaged. If a prop is “removed” it will respawn after only a few seconds. Once saved the props will always be in their place. In short, you are creating a “Duped Contraption” that is automatically spawned on the server.

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How to use:

  • Select “Persistent Props” tool.
  • Left Click: Selects the prop and all connected props. Click on an existing prop and it saves the changes.
  • Right Click: Removes the single prop.
  • Reload: Refreshes the props.
  • Shift + Reload: Removes all Persistent Props from the map.


  • If you select a prop before its frozen, it will remain unfrozen. If you select or update a prop while its frozen, it will stay that way.
  • Only admins can use the tool. Admins can interact (move props) while holding the Shift key. This prevents accidental moving of the props.
  • Prop changes are saved every 30 minutes. So if you add stuff (weld, nocollide etc) those props will become part of the Persistent Props.

This addon is still pretty new and it is updated often. If you find bugs please contact me so i can fix them asap.

Oh man I was just about to start exploring something like this!

Nothing wrong with adding an official implementation :wink:

Cool stuff, reminds me of how I used vmfloader and map-specific scripts in the GMod 9 days to create default stuff in certain levels on my server :stuck_out_tongue:
Suggestion (maybe already added): a server cvar that changes the save interval in minutes.

Sorry, I don’t get it. No need for saves, then?

This saves the things you want to the map. It doesn’t save everything.

Example: Someone could use this tool to save props that they used to furnish a house in a map. When the map is reloaded those props will still be in the same place.

Can you put back on Workshop? when the GM13 was released all Workshop files was deleted.