Persister - Save/Load System

Hi everyone, i built something for DarkRP that would be useful for concurrent players on servers[/t]

Persister it’s a script that saves simple player data between sessions, with persister you can save:

-Weapons with the ammo quantity


This creates when the player disconnects, in the case that your gmod crashed, this also creates a backup each 5 minutes, but this delete the data when you die
After you initialy spawn, you can load this data, it’s cool i guess

Anyway, you can save the data writing “!save or /save” and erase (In the rare case that you want) "!erase or /erase"

Download it!: Workshop Link or Dropbox

You shouldn’t need to have 5 minute backups, because even if a player crashes GM:PlayerDisconnected should still be called.
Also in your code you named it “PlayerDisconnect” which is incorrect and finally I recommend using gameevents because they’re more reliable.

hum, i think that we discussed somewhere if PlayerDisconnected gets called when player disconnect (I thought that we ended with the hook not being called)
Okay, i’ll update it

The only problem: The weapons I set up for the player to have on spawn are stripped.

edit: and the fact that it breaks my game.

So… like Set/GetPData?

If the server crashes players would lose 100%of the progress they’ve made since they last logged on.