Persoanl skin?

Would anyone like to reskin a model for me if it isn’t to much trouble? : If yes can you reskin male_07 with the following: this shirt in black but just mainly the logo

and reskin the pants to this:

and the shoes, if you can to this

, If you can do it thank you very much :smiley: if not Dont worry about it, But i would appreciate it.

Note, i fucked up the title.



Don’t bump your own thread 2 times. Even once isn’t recommended. I don’t want to be harsh either, but there are tons of requests that never get fulfilled.

Use Tags so People don’t have to click the links and like stuff… looks better too.

I could try doing this Tomorrow dude.

That would be great bro.

This look Ok?
The shoes look a little funky I can change em back if you want?

That Actually looks pretty cool, Nice Idea RyanH & Nice skinning Minimole.

Thats awesome bro, Thanks, The shoes are good :smiley:

Not to trouble you or anything but would it be possible that you could try to reskin one of the enhanced citizens with the same outfit? Because i like them easy to pose and all, You dont have to do it bro if you dont want to, I appreciate all that you have done for me :smiley:

Good news, ya don’t even have to. Just give it the Enhanced Citizen’s phy and you are good to go, no second skin required.