Person on VRChat selling stolen Gmod Workshop assets through Patreon/Discord

Okay so I just made an account to post this here, because I don’t know where else to post this. There is a person named “Coffeepot (@JPEGNetworks via Twitter)” on another platform/game who rips Gmod workshop assets from creators and claims it as his own (says he made it from “Scratch”). He sells them through his Patreon & Discord server.
I’m not sure if it’s legal or not, but I wanted to bring it to the Gmod community’s attention, especially content creators who do this for a living. I don’t condone harassment of this person, I just want to know what we can do as a community to stop this guy from scamming other individuals online.

some examples or proof would be nice otherwise that can go wrong tho

seems like it’s just a lot of hl2 citizen models they just ripped and retextured or something

I’m sure there’s quite the difference between a Gmod playermodel and a VRChat playermodel.
That’s Valve’s assets, they let their assets be used for porn so I don’t think they’re going to stop fan content.

but the source pornmaker creators aren’t making money by selling valve’s assets. this guy is.

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If he is stealing Valves assets, claim it as his own and sell it. He can get into some serious trouble with the copyright law. Do you have any links or sources that confirms this?

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Is asset flipping illegal? You could claim that it’s fair use with the amount of work needed to turn a model into something that works in VRChat.
I’m sure there’s tons of TF2/HL2/Dota models in VRChat already; the only difference is making you pay for them, which I haven’t seen any proof yet (I’ve visited the Discord server and the Patreon, all I could find is some form of early access, not directly selling a model).

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