Persona 3 & Persona 4 Playermodels

I recently had a friend put the ragdolls on the workshop, but they couldn’t get them to work as playermodels. Any help? Also, I was hoping someone could help me convert some MMD (miku miku dance) models to become player models.

(Priority) Here are the MMD models:

Here are the already working ragdolls.
Persona 3:

Persona 4:


are these models rigged on the valve biped?

The rag dolls are, as far as I know, rigged with the the valve biped/skeleton. The MMD models have had no previous work done on them for GMOD. Tbh, I’d really be happy with just the MMD models as player models, but any would be appreciated.


Am I even allowed to bump this? Should I delete this post and make a new one? Should I just make a new one? Or am I just SOL?

If they’re on valve biped, you should just use pac.

Good to know, but that leaves the MMD models which are my greatest concern.