Personal goat request.

I’m looking for someone to make a personal skin for me, please.

If any of you who got MLP pack, use it to turn into a goat.
If not,

You know, like that.

Two horns on the back of the head, yellow horizontal eyes, all white skin. Make sure you get rid of bony hair-style if you choose one and a bit skinnier than the picture I show you.

I support this.

That’s not a Baaaahd idea

A goat for a perskin.Well there’s a first time for everything

There’s one from the 2010 Medal of Honor with bones and everything. I don’t have it installed, though.

I support, and I would make it if I could model.


Now that skyrim’s out, the goat model in that is pretty solid and may be of use if someone could port it, however I’ve only seen brown goats so far.