Personal List of Bugs and Suggestions

First of all, i know it’s just the alpha version and i know some of the stuff i write down here will get released or fixed anyways, but i’m gonna write my thoughts down anyways.


  • Sometimes it happens that other players can come through our closed door. I’m not sure yet if they’re hacking, it’s because of a lag or the door is just open for him, but it’s really annoying.
  • If you are too close to a dead animal, you can’t loot anything.
  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but i never could hear the sound of C4.
  • Sometimes woodpiles and stones are spawning that noone can loot from.
  • Woodpiles and stones spawn inside of a house
  • There are invisible trees standing around
  • There are trees and rocks (the “mountain”-ones) at places where they don’t have to be (in houses for example)
  • Zombies can walk through trees
  • Sometimes, especially while you walk on a rock, you “bounce” away while you try to jump. It’s annoying and can cause death, so don’t try it at home.
  • Some lootkits aren’t lootable. If you press E, nothing happens. And no, it wasn’t while it was lagging.


  • Creating a party
  • The possibility of allowing some persons to use your doors as well
  • Maybe a lock for storage boxes, so that other players have to destroy it before they can loot anything
  • The builder (or the group of the builder) of a house should be the only one authorized to build on or next to the foundations. (except some siege stuff, if there will be some)
  • You get so many paper while research kits are very rare. It’s not that bad, but there could be less paper.
  • If you use “Respawn” then you should get the items that you already get now. But if you use “at a camp” then you should only get the rock. Otherwise you could farm torches and bandages.
  • Weather with some effects. Like cold rises your loss of food, there could be snowstorms or thunderstorms with rain that lower your sight and something else.
  • There should be craftable torches that you can put on walls

Maybe i’ll add something more, but that’s it for now

I like, bump

Zombies are planned to be removed so I don’t think they’ll fix or so anything else to them at this time.

creating a party is a no.
They have a door combination system planned.
The builder would limit other players, nty. but they do plan a house ownership system that will let you removed objects.
You can’t really farm with “Camp” because there is a cooldown on how long after you can spawn there.
weather and torches are probably planned sometime in the future but not really a priority.