personal model please.. or would this be a head-hack?

evening FP i would like to ask for a personal model to be made for me
it’s nothing to hard i hope most of it would be a better HD-reskin with new textures… sort of

the main face i want it to be male_02 then with these
heres what i want:


like i said, that could just be a new texture part on the upper half of the citizens model

with this text on his back


simple part… well as simple as making a new model is…



if you cant do that it’s fine, but it would be great to have something like this, hell even the hands from the combine models would be good

this is the hard part…

i want those added to the head but not just over the eyes i want him to be wearing them like in this photo just resting on the forehead

but without the helmet

i know someone out there can do this so any C&C
and thanks for looking


erm, thanks for the art ratings but wait till someone makes it then give it to him/her :dance:

if you cant do the goggles thats ok, but if you do make the model without them, can you also include the file so someone else can edit them in



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I’d like to help, but I can’t really do any modeling. I just skin. I could do the jacket, however.

well if you can that would be great!

A lot of this would be custom modeling, I doubt it’s going to happen.

it won’t be hard, all someone needs to do is add goggles onto his head
i would do it my self if i had 3dsmax

You can download a trial version here:

Edit: You’ll need to download a SMD Importer/exporter for it.

You could pirate it! :awesomeface:
No, but I think that the trial would be your best bet.

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I would hex it and skin it but cant do glasses and gloves tho.