Personal Model Request

This is a request for a personal model.

I am using Bloocobalt’s Released Personal Model, because it is closest thing I got to what I want the model to look like

Remove all Nazi and Related Symbols. Replace the one with the Blue Circle with this

if possible.
Make the the shirt and pants one color anddarker(I prefer black)

I forgot to mark this, but rexture the Nazi Armbands to have 2142 on them instead, because originally my FP accout was to be called (2142)Gen.Reaper, but it wouldn’t accept the symbols or just General Reaper, so I choose the one I am using right now. I love BF2142

  1. Replace this symbol with this as well

  1. Remove.

For the face, Use the Gasmask from the Tactical Rebel.

Originally I was going to have request for a Reskins and model hacks of the Frontlines Vehicles, Taggarts Troops, Bf2142 Gunship and Airtransport, and the C-130 and the North Korean ICBM from the MM2 Pack, but I figured that was going to make the request too large and holesome, so I just decided just to request this instead.

Dude, what the fuck. You can’t steal someone else’s personal model to have a re-skin of yours. That’s just retarded.

People do. I don’t really see what’s the hassle if he personalises it to fit his character.

Well it’s stupid. If he has an idea that I would gladly help him with it, but stealing models other people worked on is just stupid.

For example: If he had an idea for a hack and could skin it himself, then I could help him with it. But taking the model I did and skinned (that one up there Dean skinned), then that really annoys the hell out of me.