personal model request

When i say model,i mean Ragdoll(and if possible a player model).I had a Reskin and normal Nymphadora Tonks idea for this because the normal just remains the same:
whereas the reskin should have a blue coat,blond hair,red shirt and silver boots.If someone could please make me this i’d probably never request anything or be a bitch again in my enitre life.
Edit:Also,heres the shirt picture
so you know what to reskin XD

Dude you are waaaaaaay to addicted to Tonks…

i knows :stuck_out_tongue: :dance: i like her cuz she looks like a purple haired me

she looks like a vampire :smiley:

True,now that i look at her closely she does look vampire-ish

just bumping the thread but can somebody please do this * one * thing?

Pleaseeeeeee!!! please someone :crying: