personal model/skin/what ever

yea im gonna say ahead befor i put the request. flamers furry haters dont even bother to post i will ignore you.
my request is just a simple male blue with yellow wolf furry character. clothing star trek uniform :

and if possible a second skin for him a lab coat with black pants :

again all furry haters/ flamers dont even bother


Fucking HELL no.

Why would someone ruin star-trek, AND make a shitty furry model in the process?


well anyone want to give it a try im not trying to cause a fuss againt furries and antifuries ok

anyone not gonna rate dumb and be nice for a chance and give it a try?

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Oh jesus that was an accident.
This is what we get for having tabs open, Shaggy.

Bad Shaggy.

How about all of you shut up!!! I am sick and tired of this!!! Why is it that when someone wants a model that the majority doesn’t like, they get the hell flamed out of them?!!! Goddamnit it is so fucking annoying!!! This is purely stupid!!! What is the goddamned point of even saying anything not pertaining to the fucking model!!!


You are really trying my patience. What goes around comes around.


(User was banned for this post ("Why reply" - PLing))

Not with me.:c00l:

Yes, eventually, something will get you in the end.

thanks for the support i really hate the fact that scince its a furry model everyone flames the shit out of me or any other furry model request. they just need to stop and not reply at all if they dont like the idea but if someone who knows they can do it comes along they can be nice and make it.

It’s not that he wants a model, it’s the fact that it’s a furry. Lots of people have problems with furries. Plus, this model’s just generally hard. If anybody were to do this, they would have to model the body, texture it, make sure there’s no errors, rig it, model the head, texture that, rig that to the body, compile, fix any errors etc. Organic models are hard as shit.

And your excessive amount of exclamation points is annoying and immature.

i know it be a hard project but it would test someone modeling skills and if done well would improve the modelers skills and tell them were they could do better.

“blue with yellow” as in top fur blue underbelly fur yellow? Any particular shades?

If someone will decompile the old werewolf model and if I can get my paws (:v:) on the source files for one of the Star Trek uniformed HL2 citizens, I’ll try my best to hack it for ya…though someone else will have to ragdoll it ><

well its main color is blue and it has yellow stripes and its dark yellow and regular blue.

i think that its a great idea(yes i am a furry) but i dont get wats so wrong with posting this in the requests thread we dont have anywhere else just like this but for furries so learn to accept

ive been looking for an un edited version of the song, thanks