Personal model/skin

Right- So, I would like to have not only a personal skin, but a model to go with it. The only part I’m really asking you to do is make the model and give me the texture maps so I can skin. But if you want to take even more time and make the skin while you’re at it- go ahead. Anyways, I want the model based off me, so I got together some reference pictures for you to use.

Here is Front, Back, and Side

Here is Front, Back, and both Sides (Head)

Here is Closeups of Details

Thank you for considering- and yes, my face is that fat that my developing second chin pops out the bottom of my mask.

I would like- if possible -for the chain to have its own flop.

“the only part i’m asking you to do is everything then i’ll put it together and call it my own”

Yeah guy, ill do it NOT
Do you really think someone will make a model out of pics from a kiddie with a gasmask?

If I asked nicely, yeah.

Why is that always first response? I didn’t even say “everything” only the modeling of which I have no hope of completing. And whenever someone requests something they want to use, everyone is like “FLAME DEY WILL GIVE NO CREHDIT” even though you can’t tell the damn future. Fucking go tell that to all the people that re-upload shit. In any case, I was planning on giving the damned credit. You have no reason to think I wouldn’t other than you feel like your either brilliant or cool and think the “flame the unskilled and unable to do everything for themselves” band wagon is also.

Tell me if that makes sense.

Sorry, I need to add to the rant while I think about it: why the fuck bother to reply if you are only going to say you wont?

I know, you didn’t say it, but that is what other members will read it as. just a friendly warning.

Voice a friendly warning is… “Be careful phsykotik people might say that your just copying their work :)”

what you said was plain trollage



I don’t know why you guys are so negative. This is a fine example of how a request should be made. Good job with the references.

I’d do it just for the sake of practice if I didn’t have so many projects going on already.

cus only fags are positive

only fags and awesome people :razz:


also for the hell of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the thought.

You look stupid with all those clips together.
They’re used for abseiling, not looking like a tool.

Also, organic modeling is hard.

Is that an english word? o.O
Sounds like the german “abseilen”

But youre right, theey are looking shit (like the hole character)

I could do this hack for you, I just can’t re-skin it.


Here’s my idea:
The body is one of Simka’s short sleeved males, rebel_02’s head, and a gasmask from somewhere. I don’t know about the chain, and I don’t think it would serve a purpose besides getting in the way of posing.

You or someone else would re-skin it.

What do ya think?

So, screw the chain, CnP parts, and then I skin? If that’s correct works for me.

You could snatch the gasmask from the CSS SAS model.

Proof that dreams come true.

Simkas’ shortlsleeved citizen
Rebel hat
Paranoia mod gas mask
GTA IV pants and shoes

Just have to rig it now I guess.

Can you get me better, clearer pictures of the front and back of your shirt logo shit please?

He’s rigged for the most part and most of his textures are applied. I just need a less-blurry picture of the front and back of the shirt. He also has the chain thing, but it’s attached to his leg so it won’t be floppily flap flop.

Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

Aren’t I a nice kid?

Good job Dean, I was going to do it but whatever.

That’s the logo on the front. And the sponsors on the back don’t really matter, now that I think about it. If you want, you can add a little watermark (not that I could/would have stopped you in any case and assuming it would be appropriate for a christian family).